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Negotiation and ADR Training

Looking for skills to help face the daily battles? Your Katalyst Resolutions workshop will be designed and delivered personally by Paul Godin, one of the most experienced negotiation and dispute resolution trainers in the world. As a practitioner, he teaches interactively from a wealth of experience.

Since 2001, he has designed and led more than 400 workshops on a variety of conflict resolution topics. He has tailored applied workshops in negotiation skills, mediation and conflict resolution, dealing with difficult people and issues, workplace coaching, and ADR system design.




We can design practical hands-on workshops for any level of experience, from introductory core skills, to highly tailored and advanced skills, applied to the context in which you operate.

We apply our teaching directly to the context in which you operate, and can use real world examples from your organization and sector.


Customized Workshops

We work with our clients to identify your key learning goals, your challenges and environment, then design a workshop tailored to those needs. We build courses with an understanding of your organization and the context in which you work.

Paul Godin uses the real life context of his clients, working with their situation and experience and building on existing skills, while weaving in his own extensive real world experience.

We can tailor a workshop to any duration and topic listed below at the agreeable timing and location of your choice. Paul has delivered everything from key note addresses to 10 day intensive skills-building workshops. His approach is hands-on, practical and tailored to you.

Past clients have praised the highly practical approach we take, and the broad-based real world experience that Paul Godin brings to the table, informing workshops with relevant examples and practical tips.

We can do customized workshops in the following areas of dispute resolution:

We can do customized workshops in the following areas of dispute resolution:

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Contract Negotiation Skills

  • Labour Relations Negotiation Skills

  • Mediation and Facilitation Skills

  • Mediation Advocacy Skills

  • Workplace or Conflict Coaching

  • Dealing with Difficult People and Challenging Issues

  • Conflict Management System Design/ ADR System Design

  • Managing Customer Disputes

  • Other Related Issues or Combinations of the Above

To discuss how we might develop a customized workshop for your organization, please contact us to schedule a conversation about your training needs.


For more information on our training fees, please contact us to discuss your needs and identify the best options.

Our fees depend on the duration, location, and size of the workshop.


Public Workshops

Negotiation Skills for the Agri-Food Industry- in collaboration with Westphalian Way February 2019- Elmhurst Ontario- 3 Days Contact us for more details on upcoming workshops and brochure.

At this time, we have no other public workshops scheduled, but we can deliver customized workshops at the time and place of your organization’s choosing. If you have a large enough group interested, we can schedule a public workshop in your location anywhere in the world. Contact us for more details and options.