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Paul Godin:     Internationally-Respected. Experienced. Accredited.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is the use of a neutral third party to facilitate negotiations between parties in conflict.

Mediation is a non-binding process. Parties are free to say 'no' if they are uncomfortable with the proposals on the table, in which case they can move on to other processes (such as litigation).

Skilled mediators assist parties to solve problems creatively and effectively, with a focus on identifying and satisfying their goals. Good mediators help parties communicate more effectively with one another, preserving/building better relationships. We assist parties to maximize value and to identify the best rational informed choice available to them in the circumstances.

Mediation Experience

Paul Godin has been mediating across Canada and internationally since 2001, and has been listed as a roster mediator with the:


- Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program–Toronto

- Civil Roster of Mediate BC

- Court of Arbitration for Sport (Lausanne)

- Ontario Energy Board

- Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada

- A.A.N.D.C. (Indigenous issues)

- ICOM/WIPO (Cultural and heritage issues)

- Trinidad & Tobago Mediation Board

- Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement DR Board

- ADR Chambers and ADR Chambers UK

- NWT Family Law Mediation Program;

amongst others.

Paul is designated a Chartered Mediator by the ADR Institute of Canada. He has special expertise in insurance, personal injury, contract, sports, labour relations, agriculture, family, and aboriginal issues.

Paul successfully conducted one of the largest industry mediations in Canada, assisting parties to a landmark agreement to modernize their industry.

An active member of the Canadian Bar Association’s ADR Section Executive (and formerly on the Ontario Bar Association ADR executive), Paul has played a significant role on legal task forces making recommendations on the Ontario Commercial Mediation Act, mandatory mediation rules, judicial mediation, employment law reform, insurance mediation, and youth violence.

Paul is one of the world’s leading mediation instructors and has regularly published on topics related to mediation and dispute resolution in respected journals and publications. See his C.V. for full details.


Legal, sports, and Workplace Mediation

Victoria mediator Paul Godin has mediated and consulted on a wide variety of legal, sports, and workplace issues, both in Canada and internationally.

Paul was selected by Who's Who Legal Canada as one of Canada's top commercial mediators in 2012 and again in 2015 and is designated a Chartered Mediator by the ADR Institute of Canada.

Paul is an internationally-respected mediator for sports disputes, having been selected to the mediation rosters of the Court of Arbitration for Sport and the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada.

Paul has been dealing with a wide variety of workplace and employment conflicts for the last 20 years, and has mediated or consulted on hundreds of workplace issues.



Family Mediation

Paul Godin, in cooperation with Christine Murray, an experienced family law lawyer, can provide a practical problem-solving approach to family conflicts.

As co-mediators, we bring a unique blend of family law and mediation experience to the mediation process. We can help couples with:

  • sustainable respectful co-parenting plans

  • divorce issues

  • custody and access issues

  • property division

  • support issues

  • communication and other sticking points

We focus on clarifying and prioritizing your respective goals and concerns. We help you generate solutions that meet those goals, in ways that are stable, fair, sensible and viable for all parties, including your children.

Paul and Christine are roster mediators for the NWT Family Law Mediation Program.

Ancient Village Meeting Place, Lalibela, Ethiopia

Ancient Village Meeting Place, Lalibela, Ethiopia

Group and Team Facilitations

Good group processes lead to better results. We can help plan and deliver effective group interactions.

We can provide facilitation services for a variety of group issues, whether you have a team that needs to align its goals and come up with a plan, a town hall meeting that could derail, or a consultation that needs to be managed.

Paul Godin has successfully  and efficiently facilitated a variety of highly contentious large group sessions.

He has facilitated labour issues, commercial challenges, restructuring, planning questions, negotiation strategizing, organizational restoration, and more. Let the author of Having Effective Meetings help you.

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