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Principal consultant

Paul D. Godin

As the owner and principal of Katalyst Resolutions, with expertise in mediation, negotiation, ombuds and workplace investigations, conflict management systems design, workplace restoration and workplace/conflict coaching, Paul is one of the most experienced professional negotiation and dispute resolution trainers in the world and a highly experienced ADR practitioner.

Based in Victoria, but operating across Canada and internationally, Paul is a lawyer, mediator, trainer, conflict coach, and investigator.

Paul has designed and led more than 400 courses on negotiation, dispute resolution, and conflict management system design worldwide.

Paul is a roster mediator with the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program–Toronto, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Lausanne), the Ontario Energy Board, the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada, A.A.N.D.C. (Aboriginal Issues), ICOM/WIPO, the Trinidad & Tobago Mediation Board, the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement DR Board, the Civil Roster of Mediate BC.

Paul is designated a Chartered Mediator by the ADR Institute of Canada and has been mediating since 2001.

From 2009 to 2017, Paul acted as a banking ombuds investigator with the ADR Chambers Banking Ombuds Office.