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Paul Godin is a lawyer experienced as an investigator, and can assist your organization with fact-finding, analysis, recommendations, and resolutions of conflict situations you are facing. His experience as a mediator and coach give him a wide range of tools.

Paul is a roster investigator with the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada’s Investigation Unit, and is also available to act as an Independent Third Party for sports organizations in Canada and globally.

Paul served for 8 years as an investigator for a wide range of banking disputes with the ADR Chambers Banking Ombuds Office.

Paul has trained ombuds investigators and a wide range of dispute resolution professionals.

Workplace and conflict coaching

Paul Godin has assisted hundreds of clients with formal and informal coaching in a broad variety of situations and sectors. From CEOs to front line staff, Paul has provided valuable coaching and mentoring since 2001, designing & teaching workplace coaching workshops.

Paul’s global experience as a negotiation and conflict resolution trainer gives him a unique range and adaptability of tools to use with his clients, whatever the challenge faced.

Our flexible Katalyst Coaching model can provide you with a trusted sounding board and analyst, an explorer to help you better understand yourself and others, a resource and advisor to help you build your skills or those of others, and a teacher to help you grow.

Recognize the problem. Know yourself and your goals. Understand others. Think critically. Make the best choices for you. And Implement your plan.



Group Facilitations, Negotiation Consultations, and Town Halls

Sometimes the key to a successful group session is what happens before the starting whistle ever goes off. Planning and facilitating your session well can turn chaos, anger, and frustration into productive rational conversations.

Katalyst can help you on both the planning and/or execution of large group, complex, or sensitive group meetings, whether you have a town hall with hundreds of concerned citizens, an office meeting with a team in crisis, or a board meeting needing some independent process guidance.

Paul Godin has acted as a negotiation consultant for major negotiations by governments and businesses. We can prepare you to optimize your chances of success.

Paul has mediated hundreds of disputes as a neutral facilitator, many of which involved complexity, large numbers of stakeholders, damaged relationships, and complicated history. Let us help you.

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